Data Validation, Sales & Marketing Automation


Increase your sales dramatically with our proven system of Data Validation, Marketing Automation, Contact Management, and Personalized Sales Consulting. We use a proven system to help you maintain, clean, and augment your current contact list and outbound marketing. We also will work directly with your organization's Sales and Business Development Representatives to help you create more qualified leads, get more meetings, and ultimately close more deals. 

1:1 SAT & ACT Tutoring | SAT® & ACT® Classes

INTRO TO THE NEW SAT® & ACT® (Critical Reading, Grammar & Essay)  | 16 - 20 Hours | $200/hr

There is a method and an art to mastering the Reading Comprehension section of the SAT. In the classes offered below we will teach you to tackle this section of the exam so well that you will be able to carry these reading comprehension skills through the courses that you will take in college. In the Grammar & Essay sessions we will begin with the elements of proper grammar followed by a review of the “classic” writing process. Then we will discuss how to generate ideas, vary sentence structure, and incorporate exciting vocabulary into essays. Our systematic approach to grammar and writing will teach you how to answer every question correctly and how to exceed the standards expected on the SAT.

INTRO TO SAT® & ACT® MATH (Current & New SAT) | 16 - 20 Hours | $200/hr

With the Anderson Education Network, you will learn the shortcuts to seemingly long, involved problems and develop time saving strategies for getting through questions. We will break the math down into its fundamentals and teach you unique test-taking skills that will enhance the ability of each student to work more efficiently during the test. 

Data-Driven College Advising (Beta)

Using Artificial Intelligence, we use a student's own writing, demographic information, goals, and academic performance to explore, analyze, and present a comprehensive array of College and University choices.

A Guidance Counselor is Only Human!

We use a Machine Learning Algorithm to help our clients find opportunities and unique higher education programs that humans miss. Our programs can analyze your student's traits against every school in our database, instantly.

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